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EU must wake up to the Chinese investment factor

The EU is lagging behind all other major industrialised nations in its response to China’s investment explosion in Europe’s sensitive sectors. Political consultancy Rasmussen Global has published new research today as EU countries and the European Parliament begin considering their response, with a clear policy divide emerging across the bloc. The policy memo highlights how Chinese […]

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Foreign Investment Screening and the China Factor – Memo

New protectionism or new European standards? CLASSIFICATION: EXTERNAL SOURCES: consultations with officials in Brussels and key European capitals; open sources Download the report in PDF here November 16th 2017 Executive Summary Chinese businesses have increased and diversified their direct investment at an exponential rate throughout Europe. In Germany alone, the increase was ten-fold in 2016 […]

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Rasmussen and Vershbow: the UN should test Russian sincerity for a Donbas peacekeeping force

Leading friends of Ukraine Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Alexander Vershbow are urging the UN Security Council to agree a credible peacekeeping and stabilisation force to help restore Ukraine’s sovereignty. President Putin this week reversed his long-standing opposition to a UN presence in eastern Ukraine, which was put forward already in 2015 by President Poroshenko. However, […]

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New US Sanctions Bill on Russia is not the Trojan Horse Europeans fear

The US House of Representatives is expected to pass, later today, the Sanctions Bill, which seeks to strengthen economic sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Russia. The Bill first and foremost codifies existing executive orders placing sanctions on Moscow into law and proposes additional measures. However, these new sanctions, including those on Russian energy projects, […]

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#Ukrainereform: much achieved, more to do.

Ahead of the EU-Ukraine summit, Rasmussen Global has produced a series of graphics and a short memo outlining how the reform process in Ukraine is bringing benefits. Rasmussen Global’s Ukraine Initiative seeks to promote the reform process in Ukraine at every opportunity. Scroll down for more information and to download a memo on Ukraine reforms.

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Pourquoi l’Ukraine devrait faire partie des priorités du Président Macron/Why Ukraine should move to the top of Macron’s in-tray

Le Président Macron ne doit pas laisser passer l’occasion de sortir du statut quo dans lequel la guerre en Ukraine s’est embourbée, entrainant une dégradation des relations avec la Russie. En échange de son investissement politique, le Président Macron peut mettre en valeur la force transformatrice de l’Europe sur son voisinage, mettre fin à un […]

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La paix en Ukraine a besoin du leadership de Macron

Lundi 26/6/17 — La président Macron rencontrera son homologue ukrainien lundi prochain à Paris. Selon Fabrice Pothier, directeur du projet Ukraine chez Rasmussen Global, cela pourrait être l’occasion de relancer les accords de Minsk. Ancien directeur de la politique à l’OTAN et fondateur de Carnegie Europe, M. Pothier souligne que le processus de Minsk est […]

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Former NATO Chief welcomes Senate agreement on Russia sanctions

US-Russia relations cannot get better until they get tougher, according to former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who has today welcomed the bipartisan deal reached in the Senate to strengthen and codify sanctions against Russia. The agreement reached late last night would allow for Congressional review of any effort to waive or ease sanctions, […]

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Brexit: Denmark to give its perspective  

The uncertain UK General Election result has left many European allies asking what kind of Brexit the UK will seek, and whether it is in a position to open negotiations. A conference in Copenhagen this Tuesday morning will discuss the Danish perspective with speakers including Denmark’s Finance Minister, a former Prime Minister and Secretary General of […]

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New report: No Ill Effects on U.S. Economy Found For Continued Pressure on Kremlin

New research released today shows that the sanctions against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine have been effective in pressuring and punishing the aggressor, although stronger sanctions would be necessary to further prevent Russian disruptive actions and resolve the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The report, written by independent sanctions experts and commissioned by Rasmussen Global, […]

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Message to Trump and Merkel: Don’t forget Crimea

“Russia’s aggressive actions cannot be forgiven, and Crimea cannot be forgotten” – that is the message from former NATO chief, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, ahead of Chancellor Merkel’s visit to President Trump and the three-year anniversary of Crimea’s illegal occupation by Russia. The Friends of Ukraine group of former heads of state and government, and senior officials has […]

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