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RG TAKE: The Case of Huawei

Huawei:  The case that could trigger a trade war & a rethink of EU-China policy 31st January 2019 — With Huawei’s woes heating up on both sides of the Atlantic, Rasmussen Global’s Senior Adviser and expert on EU-China relations, Jonas Parello-Plesner gives his take on what this could mean for EU-China policy, and the trade […]

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RG TAKE: Brexit Upside Down

A historic defeat:  Brexit upside down 16th January 2019 — Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a historic defeat in the British Parliament last night, as 432 MPs voted against her Brexit deal at its first outing in Parliament. Amongst those voting against May were 118 Conservative MPs and all 10 MPs of the Democratic Unionist Party […]

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RG TAKE: Macron enters a new phase of his Presidency

Emmanuel Macron broke his silence yesterday in a 12-minute address to the nation. Seen by many as a welcome change of tone and act of humility, the question is whether the costly, symbolic measures announced by Macron will be enough to take the steam out of the Gilets Jaunes movement – Rasmussen Global’s Chief Strategy Officer, […]

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