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Yermak and Rasmussen present recommendations for security guarantees in Kyiv

Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty depend on its ability to defend itself. To ensure this, Ukraine needs a set of cast-iron security guarantees from its allies. This was the key message from Andriy Yermak and Anders Fogh Rasmussen when they presented their joint recommendations on security guarantees for Ukraine today in Kyiv. In July, President Zelenskyy […]

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Briefing: Biden’s climate policy: global follower or leader?

President Biden vows an ambitious climate policy, leading the US transition to 100 percent clean electricity by 2035, and demanding – in his first year – that Congress legislate for reaching zero emissions by 2050.   These efforts, however, might be constrained by differences within the Democratic camp and mid-term elections in critical, fossil fuel-dependent […]

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Anders Fogh Rasmussen: Building a Euro-Japanese Alliance of Hope

For Project Syndicate Faced with Chinese revisionism and the global retreat of the United States, Europe lacks the geopolitical strength and unity to assume America’s mantle as defender of the rules-based multilateral order. Europe therefore needs friends like Japan, and it is now time to take the bilateral relationship up a gear. TOKYO – Geography […]

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Rasmussen: The EU-Japan trade agreement is about freedom, and we need Japan’s help to defend it.  

Writing in Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik and in The Japan Times, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has argued that the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement sends a powerful sign that US retrenchment on trade will not see the democratic world abandoning the open, rules-based trading system. The op ed was published to coincide with Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s visit […]

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Declaration by the Friends of Ukraine Group, ahead of the EU Eastern Partnership Summit on 24th November 2017

Rebooting the European project extends beyond the EU’s boundaries Declaration by the Friends of Ukraine Group, ahead of the EU Eastern Partnership Summit on 24th November 2017 A better Europe implies a prosperous, stable European neighbourhood – one that is fundamentally transformed and has parted with its post-Soviet legacy. Failing to set out the longer-term […]

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EU must wake up to the Chinese investment factor

The EU is lagging behind all other major industrialised nations in its response to China’s investment explosion in Europe’s sensitive sectors. Political consultancy Rasmussen Global has published new research today as EU countries and the European Parliament begin considering their response, with a clear policy divide emerging across the bloc. The policy memo highlights how Chinese […]

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Foreign Investment Screening and the China Factor – Memo

New protectionism or new European standards? CLASSIFICATION: EXTERNAL SOURCES: consultations with officials in Brussels and key European capitals; open sources Download the report in PDF here November 16th 2017 Executive Summary Chinese businesses have increased and diversified their direct investment at an exponential rate throughout Europe. In Germany alone, the increase was ten-fold in 2016 […]

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Theresa May’s Balancing Act

Writing in Berlingske Business, Rasmussen Global Director of Media, James Holtum, argues that businesses seeking to understand the British government’s Brexit strategy should keep a close eye on a group of strategically-minded Conservative MPs. Danish businesses trying to understand Britain’s Brexit strategy should not overlook the role Conservative Members of Parliament play in setting the […]

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New US Sanctions Bill on Russia is not the Trojan Horse Europeans fear

The US House of Representatives is expected to pass, later today, the Sanctions Bill, which seeks to strengthen economic sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Russia. The Bill first and foremost codifies existing executive orders placing sanctions on Moscow into law and proposes additional measures. However, these new sanctions, including those on Russian energy projects, […]

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Macron and Merkel can make the EU strong again

Writing in Danish business newspaper Berlingske, Rasmussen Global Senior Adviser in Berlin, Olaf Böhnke, has given his assessment of Macron’s election, and its implications for the future of the EU. He wrote: By Olaf Böhnke, Seniorrådgiver (Berlin) In eleven years as German chancellor, Angela Merkel’s key project, the European integration process, has consistently come under fire. […]

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Macron doit « réorienter les intérêts stratégiques de la France vers l’Est »

Dans une tribune au « Monde », l’ancien secrétaire général de l’OTAN et ancien premier ministre danois explique pourquoi l’Europe centrale doit constituer une priorité pour Paris. Emmanuel Macron a personnellement fait les frais de l’influence invisible et délétère de la Russie sur la campagne présidentielle française, que ce soit à travers un soutien ouvert à Marine […]

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