To promote Kyiv’s interests abroad, Rasmussen Global engages with media and decision makers in the West to keep Ukraine on the political and public agenda.


The Ukraine Initiative - Rasmussen Global

Following the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, the Government of Ukraine has embarked on an ambitious journey to modernize the economy, uproot cooperation and seek closer cooperation with the West.

To support this work Rasmussen Global has established a unique platform of in-house policy experts and senior advisors in key capitals in Europe and the United States that work to bridge the gap of understanding between Kyiv and Western donors.

To promote Kyiv’s interests abroad, Rasmussen Global engages with media and decision makers in the West to keep Ukraine on the political and public agenda.

Closer cooperation with the west

Ukraine is the largest emerging economy and democracy in Europe. Yet it faces daunting challenges from coping with Russia’s military actions, wiping systemic corruption, to fighting donor fatigue. To help navigate through those risks and make Ukraine’s case internationally, the President of Ukraine appointed Mr. Rasmussen as external foreign policy advisor.

Rasmussen Global has since then initiated an ambitious strategic campaign covering both Europe and the United States: Engaging with media and decision makers in the West to keep Ukraine on the political and public agenda.

We work closely with senior political stakeholders in key western capitals and international institutions as a means to garner understanding for Ukraine’s specific concerns, and finally we engage with our client on how to further Ukraine’s interest abroad and drive reform at home.

Ukraine Reform

Western aid to Ukraine should be conditional on further reform progress and concrete results – but it needs to be flexible and more assistance should be offered when Kyiv delivers.

Increased military aid, especially adequate defensive systems, should be considered if Russia continues to violate the ceasefire and supply advanced weapons to its separatist proxies, building on but going beyond NATO’s Comprehensive Assistance Package and bilateral programs. Rather than producing new military escalation with Russia in the east, it would help deter it. The US and the EU need to invest more into getting their worldwide partners to join the sanctions regime and discourage those who try to circumvent it.

We provide strategic advice on reform led by President Poroshenko.

so far

Clinching the visa liberalization deal for Ukraine

  • Bilateral meetings with EU Council President, EU Commissioner and Foreign Affairs Chairman European Parliament
  • Press coverage in favor of granting visa liberalization to Ukraine:
 Financial Times and Euractiv

Broadening the terms of the debate on sanctions on Russia

  • Op-ed in Financial Times:
 Extend European sanctions to keep Russia in check
  • Academic report commissioned by Rasmussen Global: International sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis and generating media coverage in Wall Street Journal, Politico among others.

Engaging with the new US Administration

  • Comprehensive engagement with members of the transition team
  • Close collaboration with members of Congress to feed in administration confirmation process
  • Lay out case in the US press for maintaining support to Ukraine and holding on Russia sanctions

Commissioned report on US sanctions

Rasmussen Global commissioned independent research showing that US sanctions against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine have been effective in punishing the aggressor, with only a negligible impact on the US economy. Read the report here.

of Ukraine

The Friends of Ukraine Group has been convened by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, external advisor to the President of Ukraine, and former Secretary General of NATO and Prime Minister of Denmark. The Friends of Ukraine has been established to raise international awareness; garnering Western support to a democratic, prosperous Ukraine while at the same time keeping reform on Kyiv’s agenda.

The Friends of Ukraine Group coordinates future outreach activities aimed at keeping a strategic and balanced debate while at the same time helping to relay advice from western capitals to President Poroshenko. This includes high-level meetings in the EU and the US with a focus on reforms, anticorruption, privatization, the situation in the East and the Minsk process, and NATO-Ukraine cooperation as well as media outreach.

During its initial meeting the Group discussed the security situation in Ukraine and Western involvement in the resolution of the conflict in the east, including the extension of the sanctions regime. The Friends of Ukraine Group issued a declaration which calls for a bolder approach towards Russia and greater support for Ukraine and its reforms.

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