To promote Kyiv’s interests abroad, Rasmussen Global engages with media and decision makers in the West to keep Ukraine on the political and public agenda.


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Rasmussen Global’s Ukraine initiative is a strategic campaign seeking to keep Ukraine on the international agenda while at the same time keeping reform on Kyiv’s agenda.

Following the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, the Government of Ukraine has embarked on an ambitious journey to modernize the economy, uproot corruption and seek closer integration with Europe.

To support this work Rasmussen Global has established a unique platform of in-house policy experts and senior advisors in key capitals in Europe and the United States.

Reaching out to decision-makers and opinion formers, and shaping the debate on critical public policy issues, the project aims to keep Ukraine on the international agenda while keeping reforms on Kyiv’s agenda.

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Can the UN unite Ukraine? RG: Expert Report on Peacekeeping in Eastern Ukraine

Rasmussen Global commissioned a report by UN expert Richard Gowan to examine the make- up of a peacekeeping mission that could realistically bring about long-lasting peace in the Donbas. The report was published by the Hudson Institute. Key points include: A peace-keeping force will need a robust mandate and include 20,000 personnel; non- NATO European […]

of Ukraine

As external advisor to President Poroshenko, Anders Fogh Rasmussen convened the Friends of Ukraine bringing together leading politicians and former senior diplomats to make the case for a reformed and European Ukraine.

The Friends of Ukraine Group coordinates future outreach activities aimed at keeping a strategic and balanced debate while at the same time helping to relay advice from western capitals to President Poroshenko. This includes high-level meetings in the EU and the US with a focus on reforms, anticorruption, privatization, the situation in the East and the Minsk process, and NATO-Ukraine cooperation as well as media outreach. The group meets with President Poroshenko several times a year.

During its initial meeting the Group discussed the security situation in Ukraine and Western involvement in the resolution of the conflict in the east, including the extension of the sanctions regime. The Friends of Ukraine Group issued a declaration which calls for a bolder approach towards Russia and greater support for Ukraine and its reforms.

The Friends of Ukraine Group has met several times in 2017 in Kyiv, Munich and Brussels. During its recent visit to Ukraine, several members of the Group visited the Line of Contact in Eastern Ukraine where they met local soldiers and commanders of the Ukrainian forces to discuss the humanitarian and security situation on the ground.

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