Ukraine Advisory

For the past seven years, Rasmussen Global has worked closely with, in, and on Ukraine.

Our work with Ukraine

Most recently, following Russia’s invasion, we have been conducting a pro-bono political campaign for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on long-term security guarantees for Ukraine. You can read more about the security guarantees in the Kyiv Security Compact.

As the war rages on, Russia’s aggression has already caused some of the largest scale destruction on the European continent since WWII. Yet, when fighting will end, Ukraine is poised to become Europe’s biggest and most transformative reconstruction project. Given Ukraine’s land mass and the scale of the damage, the reconstruction efforts will require an unprecedented level of resources and capacity to manage a highly complex range of conflicting priorities and stakeholders.

How we help

We have a senior presence in Kyiv and a seasoned team of specialists in key European capitals with experience on relations between Ukraine and the donors community. With our unique position, Rasmussen Global helps companies better understand the dynamics of the war and reconstruction in Ukraine as well as supports Ukrainian entities to mobilise support and resources abroad.

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