Technology and Critical Infrastructure

Technology is everywhere. It is transforming every aspect of our economy and society, making it a central theme for policymakers and regulators.

Our work with technology and critical infrastructure

Innovation and regulation are often regarded as opposites. However regulators play a decisive role in creating the environment for innovation and disruptive market entries. Rasmussen Global boasts a number of experts and highly experienced advisors in tech policy, who provide in-depth policy and regulatory analysis.

We are well-placed to support innovative businesses where technology meets policy and regulation, with strong intelligence and advocacy capacities.

While new technologies push the frontiers of our societies, our dependency on virtual and physical critical infrastructure increases. Amid technological decoupling between China and the United States and the re-emergence of war in Europe, businesses and governments are struggling to protect assets, systems, and networks from foreign influence, malign interference, or even destruction.

How we help

As one of Europe’s prime geopolitical advisory firms, Rasmussen Global supports businesses and governments to discern key political insights and intelligence, in order to advance and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructures. Our renowned experts support major communications, energy, technology, and financial services companies, among others, in navigating an increasingly protective and disputed international business environment.

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