Renewable Energy

Rasmussen Global has a strong record of helping leading renewable energy companies navigate the politics of the green transition.

Our work with renewable energy

Rasmussen Global advises some of Europe’s largest energy companies. With the world moves towards a net-zero future and Europe cutting its dependence on Russian gas, the energy landscape is changing fast. Decision-makers at all levels are implementing new policies and regulations at unprecedented speed to facilitate the rapid deployment of renewable energy sources, uptake of new technologies such as energy storage, renewable fuels, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and smart recycling, as well as to promote energy savings and sustainable consumption patterns.

Recent developments have accelerated the need for the energy transition but the legal and regulatory environment can be slow to respond, while energy shortages and price spikes have caused investors and vendors to revisit renewable power opportunities.

How we help

Rasmussen Global has strong expertise in energy politics and is positioned to help you become an ally in the green transition.

We have led several successful campaigns across Europe to the benefit of major clients, European energy security, and the green transition. Our energy policy experts are well-placed to support top management in positioning their business for rapidly changing energy policies, seize new opportunities, and manage political and competitive risks.

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