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In an ever changing and uncertain world, financial markets are impacted by geopolitical events. Understanding international politics and security developments is crucial for making good corporate and investment decisions. The political landscape is changing, with increased tension and disruption of financial markets.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marks a sharp break with the relatively stable post-Cold War era. The world is now more unpredictable and divided. Old and new fault lines are appearing. In this crowded, interconnected landscape, geostrategic rivalries play out on many levels and in many theatres, starting with Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

How we help

Rasmussen Global provides strategic advice to financial institutions, asset management funds and investment funds on a range of geopolitical topics and support their business development activities across sectors and regions. Rasmussen Global provide C-suites with insights through briefings, seminars and government affairs sparring on areas such as Russia’s war in Ukraine and Western sanctions, critical raw materials, the green transition, and increasing tensions between US/EU and China.

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