Critical Raw Materials

Access to critical raw materials and their derivatives, obtained in a sustainable manner, while avoiding dependence on third countries, is a significant challenge facing the electric vehicle, energy storage and renewable energy sector in the EU.

Our work with critical raw materials

Rasmussen Global is actively involved on critical raw materials. If Europe and the world wants to meet its green ambitions, there needs to be a concerted effort to strengthen the critical raw materials value chain.

Our involvement ranges from projects in Greenland to Spain and Ukraine. We have delivered successful campaigns that reshaped the political situation at the local, national, and European level.

How we help

Together with our clients we create strategic outreach plans at the local, national and EU-level, and political and media campaigns. We deliver tailored solutions addressing the challenges our clients face.

We engage with relevant players in the European Commission and European Parliament, helping move the needle on key strategic policy objectives. We provide high-level entry points to the institutions and guidance to companies on key developments in the EU, such as the European Critical Raw Materials Act and response to the US Inflation Reduction Act.

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