Rasmussen Global is dedicated to providing high-quality, up-to-date and in-depth expertise in space-related areas.

Our work with Aerospace

The global space sector is undergoing profound changes. The emergence of New Space, concerns about the sustainability in outer-space or the innovative use of commercial space systems in the war in Ukraine, create new challenges and business opportunities for actors across the board.

How we help

We have helped our space-focused clients by leveraging our relationships with prominent decision-makers, supporting pan-European advocacy campaigns, and providing industry-leading advice. Over the years, we have developed in-depth expertise in a variety of areas such as human and robotic space exploration, satellite technology, and key trends in the burgeoning Low Earth Orbit (LEO) economy, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape. Our extensive network in this field includes executive-level relationships with companies across the space value chain, through regulatory bodies, and public sector institutions.

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