Electronic Asset Declaration System Goes Live in Ukraine – A New Stage In The Fight Against Corruption

An unparalleled system of mandatory online asset declarations (e-declarations) for up to 300,000 public officials has gone live today in Ukraine.

E-declarations are an important element towards creating greater transparency and preventing corrupt practices by government officials. They are also a critical condition for international financial assistance and EU visa liberalisation.



Inspired by similar systems elsewhere and developed by a number of international experts under UNDP guidance – yet unique to Ukraine due to its depth and breadth – a new system of mandatory e-declarations is now operational in Ukraine. According to the new law, failing to submit the declaration or concealing more than 362,500 hryvnia ($ 14,000 USD) carries criminal liability.

The new system brings an unprecedented level of transparency and scrutiny. Officials are obliged to declare and describe all assets they possess inside and outside Ukraine, as well as all assets officially registered on the name of their relatives. All submitted files are available to the public.

The new system is to be fully operational in two distinct phases. Phase 1 obliges top state officials to fill in the declarations within the next 60 days. It affects 30,000 officials and includes Ukraine’s highest government officials. Among them are:

  • The President of Ukraine,
  • The Prime Minister of Ukraine,
  • Members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
  • Chairman of the state property Fund of Ukraine
  • People’s Deputies of Ukraine
  • Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine
  • The prosecutor General of Ukraine
  • Members of the National bank of Ukraine
  • Secretary of the National security and defence Council of Ukraine
  • Judges, prosecutors and investigators
  • Military officials and senior officers.

Phase 2 involves all public officials at the local-government level to declare all assets starting January 1st 2017. This involves more than 300,000 public servants.



E-declarations are of paramount importance towards Ukraine’s broader drive towards reforming its post-Soviet legacy. The new law subjects all officials to criminal prosecution if they file false declarations or if they refuse to fill them out and thus traps corrupt officials who have been up until now dodging the public eye.

The system of E-declarations likewise demonstrates to the international community the government’s commitment towards continuing the fight against corruption. Ultimately, the new system goes a long way to confirm that Ukraine is determined to eliminate all conditions for international assistance such as the IMF $ 1.6 billion aid package and visa- free travel with the European Union.

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