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How to help Ukraine win the drone war

Following Russia’s full-scale invasion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian defence industry have had to rapidly adapt. They have been forced to reconceptualise existing weapons as well as develop new ones, often utilising civilian systems for military purposes. The country has become both a laboratory and live testing ground for the deployment of evolving military technologies. Nowhere is this clearer than for drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

While more primitive and limited in the number of systems available, Russia has progressively gained an edge both in the production and deployment of reconnaissance and strike drones. Combined with a long-standing edge in electronic warfare, Ukraine faces the challenge of scaling up both the quality and quantity of its systems to respond to Russian superiority in drone warfare.

Read the latest paper from Rasmussen Global experts on how Ukraine, with help of its allies, can regain its edge and win the drone war.


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