Folkemødet 2025

Join Rasmussen Global at Folkemødet on June 12-14 2025, where we will once again be bringing major global political issues into the heart of Folkemødet, Denmark’s annual Democracy Festival at the island of Bornholm.

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Join our Geopolitical Courtyard


In June 2025, Rasmussen Global will once again open the Geopolitical Courtyard and bring international politics into a local setting in the heart of the annual Danish political festival, Folkemødet (the People’s Meeting).

Guest speakers and panelists will include former and current ministers, MPs, international business leaders, leading think tanks, journalists and many others who will share their perspectives and insights on some of the most complex challenges and opportunities facing Denmark and the world today.

In the Geopolitical Courtyard, we have meaningful discussions that explore new perspectives and create connections with key players across sectors and countries.

The Geopolitical Courtyard can accommodate 100 seated or 200 standing guests and can be covered in case of rain or excessive sun. At the events, Rasmussen Global provides water, coffee and occasionally beer and wine for guests as we discuss the big questions of the day.

We’ve thought about the unpredictable Danish weather and offer roofing over the entire courtyard, so festival goers can comfortably enjoy the events whether the sun is shining brightly or the rain is falling.

Events are hosted in both English and Danish. Last year roughly half of our events were English and brought in panelists from Ukraine, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, the US, and the UK.

Find us on Østergade 15 in area K7

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