Folkemødet 2023

Join Rasmussen Global’s launch of the Geopolitical Courtyard on June 15-17, 2023, bringing major global political issues into the heart of Folkemødet, Denmark’s annual Democracy Festival at the island of Bornholm.

For more information contact Marie-Cæcilie Adamsen

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Join our Geopolitical Courtyard


The Geopolitical Courtyard will feature conversations on key geopolitical issues including Ukraine’s future, the energy crisis and the green transition, technology and cyber security, and upcoming EU elections.

Guest speakers and panelists will include former and current ministers, parliamentarians, business leaders, leading think-tanks, journalists, and many others. Most events will be in English and will take place in an excellent setting in the middle of Folkemødet.

We are centrally placed in the small town of Allinge on the island of Bornholm, home to Denmark’s annual Democracy Festival.

Make the most of Folkemødet


Folkemødet is the central political event in Denmark and the Nordics. Every year in June, the small town of Allinge on the island of Bornholm turns into a major political festival. More than 2,000 political events are hosted by 650 different organizations with the purpose of creating informal meetings and dialogue between politicians, CEOs and executives, and citizens. More than 50,000 citizens, parliamentarians, NGOs, business representatives and grassroots meet up and debate our society and celebrate our democracy. There is broad and growing offering of events in English from a variety of organisations. Last year, more than 90 events were held in English, and were among the most well-visited.

The Geopolitical Courtyard will feature conversations on:

  • the state of the world’s democracies;
  • the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the return of war to the European continent;
  • balancing the needs of the pressing energy crisis and the green transition;
  • the role of technology and cyber security in protecting democratic institutions;
  • the upcoming EU Parliament elections and a new college of EU Commissioners; and
  • other emerging geopolitical agendas.

Rasmussen Global’s seasoned experts are also available to join relevant panel debates outside of the Geopolitical Courtyard. Our CEO, Fabrice Pothier (middle) spoke on our work on security guarantees for Ukraine at last year’s Folkemøde.

Centrally located in Allinge

Rasmussen Global's Geopolitical Courtyard (Geopolitisk Gårdhave) is located in the centre of Allinge, right behind the iconic Old Post Office (Det Gamle Posthus).
Rasmussen Global Geopolitisk Gård Folkemødet 2023

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For more information contact Marie-Cæcilie Adamsen

T: +45 25 17 04 51  M:

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