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Our political consultancy includes political risk analysis to help connect the dots, strategic planning to best use your resources, and public affairs and media campaigns to achieve maximum impact. Our team of public policy and communication professionals operate from our offices in Copenhagen and Brussels and have a network in Berlin, London and Washington DC to execute successful strategies.

Political consultancy - Rasmussen Global

Understand - manage - change

Traditional lobbying is no longer sufficient for companies or governments to deliver their goals. We offer services that enable both to understand and manage threats and opportunities, and shape the policy narrative to deliver core objectives, protect the bottom line, enhance reputation, and achieve competitive advantage.

Influence strategies

Rasmussen Global engages with decision-makers in the media, political and business sphere to help shape the policy environment that our clients are a part of. We bring many decades of corporate, government and political experience to help craft communications campaigns for our clients around public policy objectives. We have established offices in Copenhagen and Brussels as well as high-level representation in London, Washington D.C., and Berlin which gives us a strong, strategic network throughout the most important decision centers in the
world. We help our clients with strategic campaigning by putting in motion complex campaigns to shape perceptions and decisions on the issues that matter to our clients. Those campaigns bring together media activities, influence strategy, opinion-maker engagement, and can be deployed simultaneously in different decision centres in Europe and in the United States. Our media outreach includes getting your message and narrative across in often saturated and contested international and national media environments.

Political risk analysis

In an era of major geopolitical shifts, where liberal and democratic norms are constantly challenged, companies are increasingly required to factor political risks into their considerations.

Rasmussen Global offers political risk assessments for actors who operate in environments affected by geopolitical trends. Through a deep strategic understanding of the dynamics at play behind an issue and an identification of the main players’ positions, we can provide intelligible and actionable advice to top decision-makers on how to understand the situation and minimize and manage exposure to risks. We are in a strong position to help our clients connect the dots and lay out the basis of future strategies, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding operations and investments.



We leverage our political and media networks to understand what is happening in key political centers before it is splashed on the front pages.

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Anders Fogh Rasmussen is known for delivering straight-forward messages on the current geo-political situation, global trade relationships, foreign policy and power balances.

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