Political Analysis and Advisory

Rasmussen Global provides our clients with the expert political analysis and advice they need to make informed decisions.

Navigating Political Risk


In an era of major geopolitical shifts, where liberal and democratic norms are constantly challenged, companies are increasingly required to factor political risks into their strategies and valuation models.

However, most global companies are underprepared, reactive, and lacking confidence in their ability to navigate those risks successfully. General trends include disruption of supply chains, the rise of nationalization and protectionism, the hardening of US – China trade tensions, and increasing confrontations with authoritarian regimes that provoke cycles of sanctions and retaliatory actions.

Rasmussen Global offers political advisory for businesses who operate in heavily regulated and politically sensitive environments. We provide our clients with the expert political analysis and advisory services they need to make informed decisions.

How we help



Political Risk Analysis

We assess the political risks and opportunities and provide you with recommendations on how to mitigate or capitalize on them. Our senior advisors help top decision-makers understand political dynamics and support them in minimizing and managing exposure to political risks.




Stakeholder Mapping

We help you identify and understand the key players in the political landscape and their respective interests. Through a deep strategic understanding of the dynamics behind an issue and knowledge of the main players’ interests, we provide clear and actionable advice on who to reach and how to approach them.




Public Affairs Strategy

We work with you to develop effective public affairs strategies that take into account the political context and the interests of your stakeholders. We are uniquely placed to help you connect the dots and build long-term strategies, allowing you to make informed decisions on your operations and investments.




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