Policy and Influence Campaigns

Rasmussen Global engages with decision-makers in the media, politics, and business to help shape the policy environment.

Tailored Strategic Solutions


Our team has extensive knowledge and understanding of the political systems and players in multiple European countries, and we use this knowledge to create tailored campaigns and strategies for our clients.

We have established offices in Copenhagen and Brussels as well as a high-level presence and network in London, Washington D.C., Paris, Berlin, Kyiv, and Madrid. This gives us a strong, strategic network throughout the most important global decision centers.

We help you with strategic campaigns, putting in motion influence strategies and initiatives to shape perceptions and decisions on the issues that really matter to your business.

How we help



Policy Campaigns

We work with clients to develop and implement policy campaigns that align with their interests and goals. Those campaigns bring together media activities, influence strategy, argumentation building and opinion-maker engagement, all managed by a dedicated Rasmussen Global team to keep track of progress.




Media Campaigns

We help clients shape their message and create effective media campaigns to raise awareness and influence public opinion. In an over saturated media landscape, we help you create messages that cut through and change the narrative.




Stakeholder engagement

We help clients build and maintain relationships with key decision-makers to advance their interests and shape policy. Our team of well-connected advisors help clients understand and manage threats and opportunities and shape the policy narrative to deliver on their core objectives.




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