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Through our network within international business and governments across key markets, we facilitate high level contacts for investors.

International business advisory - Rasmussen Global

Insight - guidance - network

In an increasingly complex world, we are offering insight, guidance and a network into new markets and industries.


We advise businesses on how to navigate national security and foreign policy; and we work with c-level management of major corporations to develop their strategic plans and help them expand in emerging markets, including Asia, Europe, the Middle-East and North America.

We offer investors a chance to expand their business operation by advising them about new market opportunities and linking them with our global network of financial partners. Our clients range from international private equity companies seeking capital to corporations seeking international partners or clients. Whether looking for potential investors or new business, we are able to advise and connect our clients at the highest level in international companies and governments.


By engaging with decision-makers in the media, political and business sphere we shape the policy environment that our clients operate in.

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Anders Fogh Rasmussen is known for delivering straight-forward messages on the current geo-political situation, global trade relationships, foreign policy and power balances.

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