Data insights and polling

Technology is disrupting the way businesses, governments and politicians gather insights and understand the drivers behind voters and consumers behaviour. Through the use of mobile technology, Artificial Intelligence and geolocation, we can provide and decipher quantitative and qualitative datathat gives you unparalleled insights and puts you one step ahead.

Understand the public mood

Cutting edge data polling enables you to gauge emotional drivers behind decisions

Reach 90 countries and over 100 million users.

Using the latest advances in mobile technology and Artificial Intelligence, we work with innovative technology firms to conduct polling and market research, for a fraction of the cost and with far greater accuracy and insight than traditional providers. Our data polling platform brings together quantitative with qualitative data to form a new picture of the real emotional drivers behind voters and consumers choices.

Our reach encompasses 90 countries and over 100 million users. This enables businesses to understand the public mood that could influence decision-makers, test messages and products for public reaction, gauge political risk and conduct more effective campaigns. We use techniques that fully comply with all data protection and privacy legislation.


We help you to understand what’s driving an issue, the key players, and how they can be swayed. We advise clients on their outreach strategies; or we deliver a multi-layered political campaign on your behalf, drawing together direct advocacy at all levels, media and data polling work, and building broad coalitions of stakeholders.


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Through our network within international business and governments across key markets, we facilitate high level contacts for investors.

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Anders Fogh Rasmussen is known for delivering straight-forward messages on the current geo-political situation, global trade relationships, foreign policy and power balances.

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