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We help businesses and governments to better understand and shape the dynamics and power play behind facts and decisions in international politics. We do that through three lines of business services: political consultancy; international business advisory; and speakers service.

Capabilities - Rasmussen Global

Connect – shape – influence

We have entered a new era of structural disruption. Investors, multinational companies and governments alike need to manage a higher level of uncertainty, enhanced geopolitical volatility and a vulnerable political consensus on trade, regulation and international cooperation. Policy and regulatory outcomes on both sides of the Atlantic are becoming more unpredictable. Meanwhile, transatlantic cooperation has never been more extensive and yet more contested.

This level of complexity and instability calls for sharp strategic thinking, transatlantic outreach as well as the ability to shape public policy outcome in key decision centres.

Rasmussen Global combines a bold strategic approach; analysis, advice, high-level briefings with a strong tactical focus on delivery, campaign execution, communication and media outreach, and influence strategies.

consultancy and campaigns

Political consultancy - Rasmussen Global

We engage with decision-makers in the media, political and business sphere to help shape the policy environment that our clients are a part of. We bring decades of corporate, government and political experience to help craft communications campaigns for our clients around public policy objectives. Through a deep strategic understanding of the dynamics at play behind an issue and an identification of the main players’ positions, we are able to provide intelligible and actionable advice to top decision-makers on how to understand the situation and minimize and manage exposure to risks.

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Data insights and polling

Rasmussen Global

Using the latest advances in mobile technology and Artificial Intelligence, we work with innovative technology firms to conduct polling and market research, for a fraction of the cost and with far greater accuracy and insight than traditional providers. Our data polling platform brings together quantitative with qualitative data to form a new picture of the real emotional drivers behind voters and consumers choices.

Our reach encompasses 90 countries and over 100 million users. This enables businesses to understand the public mood that could influence decision-makers, test messages and products for public reaction, gauge political risk and conduct more effective campaigns. We use techniques that fully comply with all data protection and privacy legislation.

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business advisory

International business advisory - Rasmussen Global

Through our network within international business and governments across key markets, we facilitate high level contacts for investors.

Our clients range from international private equity companies seeking capital to corporations seeking international partners or clients. Whether looking for potential investors or new business, we are able to advise and connect our clients at the highest level in international companies and governments.

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Speaker services - Rasmussen Global

Anders Fogh Rasmussen is known for delivering straight-forward messages on the current geo-political situation, global trade relationships, foreign policy and power balances. He is a captivating speaker and draws in his presentations on his extensive experience from national politics and international affairs. Mr. Rasmussen speaks on topics related to international affairs and personal leadership.

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Rasmussen Global’s Ukraine initiative is a strategic campaign seeking to keep Ukraine on the international agenda while at the same time keeping reform on Kyiv’s agenda.

Following the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, the Government of Ukraine has embarked on an ambitious journey to modernize the economy, uproot corruption and seek closer integration with Europe.

Reaching out to decision-makers and opinion formers, and shaping the debate on critical public policy issues, the project aims to keep Ukraine on the international agenda while keeping reforms on Kyiv’s agenda.

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The British decision to leave the EU has created political uncertainty as well as risks and opportunities. Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that Britain wants to leave the EU single market and made it clear that her fundamental aim is to regain control of immigration and law-making. Rasmussen Global offers political, economic and legal advice to clients who are exposed to the future of Brexit.

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