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Anders Fogh Rasmussen on U.S. – Ukraine bilateral security agreement

Statement by former NATO Secretary General and Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen on signing of U.S. – Ukraine bilateral security act.

“Yesterday evening the United States signed a 10-year bilateral security agreement with Ukraine. This is an important moment; it shows that the United States is committed to Ukraine’s security for the long-haul. The agreement is built on the Kyiv Security Compact that I co-authored with President Zelenskyy’s Chief of Staff Andriy Yermak. It includes the four main elements that we proposed: building Ukraine’s military to such a strength that it can win this war and deter future Russian aggression, enhanced intelligence sharing, expansion of training and exercises with Ukrainian forces, and developing Ukraine’s military industrial base.

“Alongside the U.S – Ukraine pact, Japan also signed a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Italy. This means all G7 nations have now signed agreements built on the principles set out in the Kyiv Security Compact.

“To bring this war to an end, Vladimir Putin must understand that he cannot outlast us. The economic and military might of the democratic world dwarfs that of Russia – if we are resolved and united Ukraine will win. The agreements are a positive step, but they are not the end destination. For lasting peace and security in Europe, we must embed Ukraine in the political and military structures of the Euro-Atlantic area. We must bring Ukraine into both NATO and the European Union without delay.”

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