We are a firm with a purpose: to help democratic governments and companies navigate a complex world and get their message across, harnessing decades of political expertise with data-driven analysis. We shape and deliver winning campaigns to influence opinions, policies and decision-makers at global and local level.


Businesses and governments must deal with volatile politics, shifts in public opinion and fast-changing technologies. Cutting through the noise and shaping decisions is becoming a challenge for all.

Rasmussen Global brings together a team with high-level experience in government and diplomacy, and a unique expertise in new data-driven polling and communication strategies.

With offices in Copenhagen and in Brussels, and a presence in key capitals including Berlin, Paris, London and Washington DC, we keep our fingers on the pulse and can get your message across from key decision makers to the broadest audience.

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What we do

Rasmussen Global has worked closely with and in Ukraine for the past six years. Following Russia’s invasion, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has set up the Free Ukraine Task Force.

Its aim is to assist Ukrainian people and entities, as well as advising Western companies on how they can help. Potential fees from this work from Western firms will be donated to the Ukrainian cause.

For more information, please contact Policy Director, Harry Nedelcu, +45 53 84 85 75 or hne@rasmussenglobal.com.

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Featured in the media

Rasmussen Global launches Ukraine advisory service

Rasmussen Global is expanding, launching a Ukraine advisory service. The service will focus on helping international companies understand the situation in Ukraine and make investment decisions around reconstruction efforts. The group will be supported by a new presence in Kyiv, led by former Ukrainian MP Olena Sotnyk. Olena is an expert on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration […]

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