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The firm - Rasmussen Global

Rasmussen Global draws on in-house experts and a network of leading policy experts, former senior officials, business executives and consulting firms in Europe and the US. Our clients include international consulting firms, major companies, and foreign governments.

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What we do

Following the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, the Government of Ukraine has embarked on an ambitious journey to modernize the economy, uproot cooperation and seek closer cooperation with the West.

To support this work Rasmussen Global has established a unique platform of in-house policy experts and senior advisors in key capitals in Europe and the United States that work to bridge the gap of understanding between Kyiv and Western donors.

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The British decision to leave the EU has created political uncertainty as well as risks and opportunities. Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that Britain wants to leave the EU single market and made it clear that her fundamental aim is to regain control of immigration and law-making. Rasmussen Global offers political, economic and legal advice to clients who are exposed to the future of Brexit.

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Featured in the media

La paix en Ukraine a besoin du leadership de Macron

Lundi 26/6/17 — La président Macron rencontrera son homologue ukrainien lundi prochain à Paris. Selon Fabrice Pothier, directeur du projet Ukraine chez Rasmussen Global, cela pourrait être l’occasion de relancer les accords de Minsk. Ancien directeur de la politique à l’OTAN et fondateur de Carnegie Europe, M. Pothier souligne que le processus de Minsk est […]

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Trump the deal-maker should invest in Ukraine

President Trump can address his Russia headache – and lay the groundwork for improved relations with Moscow – when he meets the Ukrainian President tomorrow, according to a former NATO Secretary General. Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is calling on President Trump to invest time into his relations in Ukraine, which will create new […]

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