We are a firm with a purpose: to help democratic governments and companies navigate a complex world and get their message across, harnessing decades of political expertise with data-driven analysis. We shape and deliver winning campaigns to influence opinions, policies and decision-makers at global and local level.


The firm - Rasmussen Global

Businesses and governments must deal with volatile politics, shifts in public opinion and fast-changing technologies. Cutting through the noise and shaping decisions is becoming a challenge for all.

Rasmussen Global brings together a team with high-level experience in government and diplomacy, and a unique expertise in new data-driven polling and communication strategies.

With offices in Copenhagen and in Brussels, and a presence in key capitals including Berlin, Paris, London and Washington DC, we keep our fingers on the pulse and can get your message across from key decision makers to the broadest audience.

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What we do

Rasmussen Global’s Ukraine initiative is a strategic campaign seeking to keep Ukraine on the international agenda while at the same time keeping reform on Kyiv’s agenda.

Following the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, the Government of Ukraine has embarked on an ambitious journey to modernize the economy, uproot corruption and seek closer integration with Europe.

Reaching out to decision-makers and opinion formers, and shaping the debate on critical public policy issues, the project aims to keep Ukraine on the international agenda while keeping reforms on Kyiv’s agenda.

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The British decision to leave the EU has created political uncertainty as well as risks and opportunities. Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that Britain wants to leave the EU single market and made it clear that her fundamental aim is to regain control of immigration and law-making. Rasmussen Global offers political, economic and legal advice to clients who are exposed to the future of Brexit.

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Featured in the media

The Tech Coming Storm

Rasmussen Global and MEP Eva Maydell organised a public event hosted by Microsoft on the political and regulatory challenges that lie ahead for the technology sector in Europe. The #Regulation4Innovation conference began with a keynote address by Alexander Stubb, Vice President of the European Investment Bank. Within months, a newly-elected European Parliament will assemble and be joined in […]

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RG TAKE: The Case of Huawei

Huawei:  The case that could trigger a trade war & a rethink of EU-China policy 31st January 2019 — With Huawei’s woes heating up on both sides of the Atlantic, Rasmussen Global’s Senior Adviser and expert on EU-China relations, Jonas Parello-Plesner gives his take on what this could mean for EU-China policy, and the trade […]

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