Rasmussen Global is a firm with a purpose: to help democratic governments and companies navigate a complex world and get their message across.

A Firm With a Purpose


Businesses and governments must deal with volatile politics, shifts in public opinion, and  technological transformations. Cutting through the noise and influencing policy is more complicated than ever.

Rasmussen Global brings together a team from the highest-levels of government, business, and diplomacy. With main offices in Copenhagen and Brussels, a presence in key capitals including Berlin, Paris, Kyiv, Madrid, and a strong network in Washington D.C., we keep our fingers on the pulse.

We combine geopolitical insights and public policy expertise with cutting-edge communication strategies, allowing us to shape critical policies and get your message across to the audience that matters.


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We are proud to work with businesses that are committed to democratic values and global cooperation. We work on a wide range of issues, including sustainable energy, critical raw materials, technology, space, and Ukraine’s reconstruction.


Join us at Folkemødet in 2025

Join Rasmussen Global’s Geopolitical Courtyard at Folkemødet, Denmark’s annual political festival.

On June 12-14 2025, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Rasmussen Global’s work, and discuss key geopolitical issues including Ukraine’s future, the energy crisis and the green transition, technology and cyber security, and EU elections.

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